The world of QULTUS - Friend & Concierge

As travelers, we are always strangers - even in places that we believe to know well. European metropolises are growing, are lively, and are changing. QULTUS is your insider on location a friend,
a concierge - someone who only recommends the best addresses. With the Premium Guide, you are always in touch with the trends, also when you travel.

The parallel universe for premium customers and premium network partners.

The cosmos has a lot to offer, but not every world invites one to stay. QULTUS recommends only the best to you and your customers without giving recommendations about its own business. Our network partners do the same for you as well. New circles reveal themselves at the highest level beyond all the media platforms. Always in accordance with the same principle. QULTUS represents a unique orientation source in the premium area for the traveler. QULTUS gives the traveler the guarantee to have made a good choice.

The question of “Why” is not asked.

You are in competition. The question for the purpose of marketing and advertisement does therefore not arise for you. Only the question of “how” is important. Your company has style, sophistication and belongs to the most successful ones in the industry? Congratulations! Success is decisiveness and requires strong partners. A good network consists of many sustainable connections. Networks create access by  you connecting persons and companies. The QULTUS network is unique! As a Premium Guide, it takes care of the orientation in Europe and the world!

The principle of QULTUS


We will print 20,000 Q cards for you, 15,000 of those will go onto a recommendation tour for you in the entire network, and you can use 5,000 as personal business cards. Our Q card is a very good,  effective and classical marketing instrument. It is a high-value printed card with image and text, and it can also
be provided with a QULTUS offer - that way your advertising success can be measured.

Our Q cards are presented in proper style in fine displays. The partner recommendations will thus attract the highest attention. The clear color concept of the various topics furthermore enables quick access to current recommendation by your company, which you will individualise with us. Administration and reporting is of course done by us.

We are additionally developing a special cell phone guide. The advantage is very obvious. The GPS positioning system does not only enable the user access to the display of the QULTUS recommendations, but also which ones are in his immediate area and how he can reach them. Bookings and reservations are possible immediately. Of course that exists already, however with a major difference - one can only imagine the quality of the partners!

In the QULTUS network one can depend on receiving exclusive high-value recommendations and 911 million cell phone users just in Europe is a large target group for all network partners!

This system allows for up to 3.9 million contacts on Mallorca for the network annually - for you!

Mutual recommendation

QULTUS represents a unique orientation source for the traveler in the premium area. 195 network partners from
different subject areas are connected through all media platforms - thus creating the system of mutual recommendation. This means: Hotels are promoting other partners in the net for example, but never other hotels, or restaurants are promoting other partners, but never other restaurants, etc.

Our network partners are doing the same thing for you as well - with us, you are presented to a selected public. We don’t just transport your good image, but we’re also procuring interested parties and consumers from the premium area, verifiable and sustainable! In the classical as also in the new media - QULTUS is applicable for every target and age group. Thus, new circles reveal themselves at the highest level beyond all media platforms - that is our principle, the QULTUS operating principle!

With QULTUS everyone wins, the consumers, our network partners and license holders.